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If You Support Spider-Man, Support Obama

Addressing a racially mixed crowd at a South Los Angeles park during the day, Obama talked of a government that is failing the country and a slash-and-burn political culture that stands in the way of significant change.

But with the support of the electorate, he added, he could work to resolve such issues as an unpopular war in Iraq and a public education system that he said leaves too many people behind.

"We can do all these things. I can't do it without you," Obama, sans tie and in shirtsleeves, exhorted the audience as supporters enthusiastically waved a sea of blue "Obama '08" signs.

The crowd, numbering in the thousands, was strikingly large for a rally a year before the state's expected February 2008 primary.

Afterward, Obama spoke to a star-studded audience at a closed-door fundraiser in Beverly Hills arranged by three of the industry's biggest names -- DreamWorks studio founders Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen. He pulled in $1.3 million.

He told an audience that included Spielberg, Oscar nominee Eddie Murphy, actress Jennifer Anniston and singer Jackson Browne that they have "enormous power" that comes with "enormous responsibility" because of their impact on American culture.

"Don't sell yourselves short," he said in a 25-minute address. "You are the storytellers of our age."


At 10:49 AM, Blogger Miguel said...

I'll have to question whether he can really handle Great Responsibility; it looks as though he chose to forgo wearing a Great Suit to this event.

At 1:54 PM, Blogger Miguel said...

By the way, "Addressing a racially mixed crowd..."


I would be very interested to hear if he was addressing an all-black, all-white or all-Aleut audience, but otherwise, whatever.


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