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You Know You're Nerdcore When...

...you boast to your peers about seeing a Nerdcore Show (MC Frontalot and MC Lars), but early in the night, and boozeless, you start to feel sick and run out the venue and don't even make it to the corner before vomiting up your entire dinner in three huge swells, all while a crowd of nerds watches and laughs at you. So you try to gather your dignity, tears of pain down your cheeks, and unlock your bike and ride home. Along the way you realize you have vomit on your shoes, your slacks, your gloves, your chin, and your new scarf. You periodically shoot out HCl-soaked whole kernels of corn from your nose. Then you go home and clean up (you realize it's not yet 9PM), change clothes, lay out some blankets and un-ironically pop in LOTR: FOTR Extended Addition and watch alone in the dark.


At 1:28 PM, Blogger Ivan said...


I can't believe you didn't watch ROTK instead.


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