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A day early...

Yesterday we had pork chops and imbibed at Oded's, but tonight, November 10th, is the traditional ST. MARTIN'S EVE FESTIVAL OF BEBIANA.

Her name derives from "beber" (to drink). Martin, patron of revelry, presides over slaughter of festival pigs. Torchlight procession with "Bebiana" in wheelbarrow, a flask to her lips. She then delivers a sermon on the evils of drunkenness, a temperance hymn is sung, & everyone gets stinking drunk.


A note on St. Martin, patron saint of drunks & inn keepers.

He was of noble birth (whatever that means) & given to drunken debauchery most of his life. Eventually he lost his taste for the booze & acquired one for denatured christianity. So he took to prosthelitizing with the same zeal that he had once shown for the bottle.

One day he was lecturing the folks in a village about their wicked ways & a goose started honking so loudly that it interfered with his speech. Not to be outdone he ordered the goose slaughtered, & then finished his sermon. Afterward the goose was cooked & served to him.

St. Martin choked to death eating the goose.

This important note from the christian tradition teaches us to be very careful about how we treat our critics.

— Bleedster Gus, 10 Nov 2000


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