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Google North Korea

Hmm.. wonder why Google maps just happens to have super high resolution photographs of a wooded area in the middle of North Korea.. You can make out the individual trees. Along with USGS earthquake data, you can pinpoint the location of the "seismic event".


At 9:46 AM, Blogger Ivan said...

There was some interesting commentary around about this bomb.

Could it be faked? <1KT makes it doable.

Could it have been a failure? Apparently, plutonium nukes are much more complicated, and can "fail" in the sense of being around the size of this explosion rather than 20-100 times bigger.

What it a controlled small test? It would make sense to be a proof-of-concept that uses minimal fissile material.

Was it a suitcase nuke? Fun!

The only question that doesn't need asking is "what will the international community do about it".

The answer is absolutely nothing.


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