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Computer Geek 101

This came up in discussion regarding someone's computer graphics class, and I just wanted to make sure everyone got their daily does of geek cred. Presenting: "Second Reality". From the more in depth Wikipedia article, you can learn about one of "the best demos created during the early 1990s" and one of the "Top 10 Hacks of All Time".

Originally created for 486 hardware, but able to run on 386 computers with a SoundBlaster or Gravis UltraSound, this demo was coded entirely in assembler and fit on less than two floppy disks. Future Crew was one of the best known demo groups ever. Read about 'em all you want on Wikipedia, but here is their best known work:

As a bonus, after watching that, click here for a hilarious REAL WORLD re-enactment/tribute to the original Future Crew demo.


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