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It Had To Happen: From "Cute Kit!" To "Shoot It!"

We've seen Cute Overload. (Don't forget to check out the special Cats 'N Racks section.)

Behold Ugly Overload.

I do, however, protest the presence of Sphynx Cats on this ugly, ugly blog.

Our next president?


Happy Birthday Ivan

The big quarter-century!

100% Borat



The phrase "War on Terrorism" was first widely used by the Western press to refer to the attempts by Russian and European governments, and eventually the U.S. government, to stop attacks by anarchists against international political leaders. (See, for example, New York Times, April 2, 1881). Many of the anarchists described themselves as "terrorists", and the term had a positive valence for them at the time. When Russian Marxist Vera Zasulich shot and wounded a Russian police commander who was known to torture suspects on 24 January 1878, for example, she threw down her weapon without killing him, announcing, "I am a terrorist, not a killer."

The next time the phrase gained currency was when it was used to describe the efforts by the British colonial government to end a spate of Jewish attacks in the British Mandate of Palestine in the late 1940s. The British proclaimed a "War on Terrorism" and attempted to crack down on Irgun, Lehi, and anyone perceived to be cooperating with them. The Jewish attacks, Arab attacks and revolts, and the subsequent British crackdown hastened the British evacuation from Palestine. The phrase was also used frequently by U.S. President in the 1980s.


Focus - Hocus Pocus

Dutchprogrock + yodeling+Jazz flute = Focus


They Can't Handle The Truth


Running For Office? Better Run From Colbert



WOTD: Little Emperor Syndrome, Special Wiki-Engrish Edition

Little Emperor Syndrome is a psychological condition affecting both parents and their one child mostly in urban areas of China, such as Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. It is considered to be a direct result of the one child policy. With both parents lavishing attention and resources on their one child, the child becomes increasingly spoiled and gains a sense of self importance and entitlement. Parents in China and in surrounding nations such as Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea where a 'one child only' incentives are also being encouraged, have been known to wait outside the school for their children all day, carry their school bags around after them and cater for their every need right into teenage and early adult life.

Parents turn to heavy investment on their only child partly in order to relive their own dreams and aspirations. They see themselves in the development of their child and completely focus their lives on them. With parents constantly predicting and telling of high hopes for the future, the child is established as the main focus of the family.

Experts suggest that too much care and pampering may result in the child ending up incapable of leading a confident future life. Many youngsters do not get exposed to life's realities and in many cases the parent's only goal is to get their child into a good slot at a respected university. The truth is that only a little more than 10% of high school students in China can hope to get into a college.

There are known connections between the syndrome and type 2 diabetes, often a result of obesity. As the population pyramid in China is top heavy, all four grandparents are usually still alive and have been known to to overnourish their grandchildren, creating a generation of roly-poly spoiled boys and girls.

As single children under China’s One-Child Policy, Little Emperors have access to greater purchasing powers, and more than previous generations, can buy consumer goods. Many individuals in the generation inherit in a 4-2-1 structure (4 grandparents, two parents and one child), leaving accumulated wealth to one heir. The reasons for parental indulgence of their child stem from the reality that single children in China are the sole perpetuators of the family legacy and face pressure to achieve. Second, China firmly values Confucian filial piety, in which children are expected to attend to their parents as they age. As a result, parents exert pressure on their child to succeed in education so that he or she may take care of them in old age. Increased competition among state-run corporations has impacted the need for parents to rely on their children. The global implications of an entire generation of single children are yet unknown since China’s Generation Y is the first to be affected.


20 and counting


Croatia 2 - England 0 - Borat 1

Ticket to Croatia in first class: $6000
New uniform: $300
Night out in Zagreb: $50
Having Borat laugh at you while you score on yourself: Priceless


Classic Car Club

If any of you guys are thinking what to get me for Christmas, I can help you out. Just go down to Hudson St to the CCC. I'll take any of the cars in the video.. Or the sick Sooloos touchscreen system ;)

Radioactive Snails Lead To Spain-U.S. Atomic Probe

The discovery of radioactive snails at a site in southeastern Spain where three U.S. hydrogen bombs fell by accident 40 years ago may trigger a new joint U.S.-Spanish clean-up operation, officials said on Wednesday.

The hydrogen bombs fell near the fishing village of Palomares in 1966 after a mid-air collision between a bomber and a refuelling craft, in which seven of 11 crewmen died.

Hundreds of tons of soil were removed from the Palomares area and shipped to the United States after high explosive igniters on two bombs detonated on impact, spreading plutonium dust-bearing clouds across nearby fields.

Spanish authorities say the appearance of higher than normal levels of radiation in snails and other creatures shows there may be dangerous levels of plutonium and uranium below ground, and a further clean up could be necessary.

"We have to study the dirt, we have to look underground," said Juan Antonio Rubio, director general of Spain's energy research agency CIEMAT, which is carrying out an investigation with the U.S. Department of Energy.

"We don't know what's down there."

The U.S. and Spain have agreed to share the cost of the initial investigation, which is set to begin in November.

The governments have yet to agree on who would pay for a clean up, according to a U.S. embassy spokesman in Spain.

Spain's government has bought a 25 acre area near Palomares where the bombs fell.

Since 1966, the United States has helped pay for Palomares residents to be checked for signs of radiation poisoning. Spain says there is today no danger from surface radiation.

But it still advises local children not to work in fields at the explosion site, nor eat their snails -- which are a local delicacy.

Happy Friday the 13th

I know this is old but it gets me every time.


so far, each technique has ended in failure

This is a drinking blog with a scientific problem: how to drink with out getting drunk ... how to be not sober and yet not drunk? A new technique every two weeks.

the scientific approach is interesting, but he's still a pussy.



Last night I made some rude remarks about Yankee fans crying in thier pillows during the Mets game tonight. Little did I know that a pitcher - last seen on the mound in the Detroit loss that ended the team's season - would crash a plane into a Manhattan highrise today. Asolutely horrible.

Viper vs. Tiefighter

So I am all caught up in battlestar, good lord, how can I wait, geez. Here is some more fun info.

The executive producer of "Battlestar Galactica" - David Eick - is remaking another cheesy sci-fi '70s TV show, this time for NBC. It's "The Bionic Woman," people! She's coming back! Fans of the original will be disappointed, though; Eick is planning on a complete re-imagining of the show, keeping only the title. He and fellow producer Laeta Kalogridis plan to use the show to "explore the role of professional women in contemporary society and how they juggle their various roles." Well, okay. As long as there's also cool bionically powered super-fighting, accompanied by a sweet "ch-ch-ch" sound effect.


Google North Korea

Hmm.. wonder why Google maps just happens to have super high resolution photographs of a wooded area in the middle of North Korea.. You can make out the individual trees. Along with USGS earthquake data, you can pinpoint the location of the "seismic event".

They Forgot Booze

Cuba's centenarians revealed that the secrets of their long lives are lots of coffee, cigars and sex, the Juventud Rebelde newspaper reported, citing a study.

Doctor Nancy Nepomuceno surveyed 54 of the more than 100 centenarians in the central Villa Clara province for the National Geriatrics and Social Work workshop in Santa Clara, the Spanish-language newspaper said. Nepomuceno found that 95 percent of those studied had a lifestyle based on fish, eggs, milk, vegetables and red and boiled meats, Juventud Rebelde said.

None of those surveyed were alcoholics, but they generally drank a lot of coffee, smoked tobacco, and maintained a healthy interest in sex, Juventud Rebelde said, citing the study. About 60 percent of the participants are children of parents who lived to more than 100 years of age.

Life expectancy in the Villa Clara province is 78 years, two years higher than the national average of 76 years, the newspaper said.

Customs discover vodka pipeline

Russian customs officers say they have discovered a mile long pipeline that was pumping vodka to Latvia.

Border cops in Buholovo, on the border, said the tunnel had been laid six feet underground by crooks to pump home-made vodka across the border. It was then sold in Latvia.

But the pipeline was discovered when local council workers started digging holes to plant trees in the area.

Yakov Kabanov, of the local border police, said: "We had our suspicions that there was someone running hooch across the border here but we could never figure out how they managed it.

"They probably would have got away with it for decades if those trees hadn't been planted as well."

Officers are questioning people in Buholovo about the pipeline, which ran between two rented houses that were empty when they were raided.

Thanks Audrey!


Congressman Foley, D-FL

Funny episode, but wait till the last 10 seconds. Fox News is out of control. You can find links to the news clips all over YouTube.

La la land

Hey, I am in L.A. where do I go to drink?


Oded tried out the Why don't congressmen need bookmarks? joke on me on Tuesday; I've since heard it on MSNBC. But this is way funnier.

Mormon influences on Battlestar: Galactica

The original producer of the late 70s BSG, Glenn Larson, is a Latter Day Saint. He originally intended for the series to be called Adam's Ark, and had pitched it since the 60s before it finally got picked up.

Mormonism itself is an oddball retelling of Christian mythology, where Christ was resurrected to the USA after his crucifiction, to complete His work of explaining to people how they should live their lives. Because of that, it seems plausible that Battlestar: Galactica may be a tweaked out retelling of some Mormon mythology. Indeed when I started watching the new series a few months ago, I was told that it is a scheme to introduce Mormonism to a broader audience (not that Mormonism needs it! - it's a very quickly growing religion, and one of the top contenders for the 2008 presidential election is the Mormon governer of MA).

Since I was also reading a book about Latter Day Saints (Under the Banner of Heaven, by John Krakauer - recommended) at the time, I tried to figure out what Mormon themes were apparent in the show. I didn't come up with much, but here goes:

1. The Church of Latter Day Saints is governed by a President advised by a Quorum of 12 - the exact same as the political structure in Battlestar: Galactica.

2. The Book of Mormon was written by a lost Jewish tribe that was banded together and battled the elements and enemies on their way to a mythological homeland (the USA, for them; they settled there and met the resurrected Jesus). There may be some similarity to the idea of the fleet - expelled from their homeland and needing to look for Earth on faith (although that storyline seems to have fallen a bit by the wayside...)

3. Kobol, as in "Gods of Kobol!" is an anagram for Kolob, the Mormon star which serves as something of a godhead (there are lots of Gods in the Church of Latter Day Saints- upon death, a faithful Mormon is made a God of his own planet - but Kolob is the star where the most important God has his throne).

4. When they went to Kobol and Gaius had the vision of his baby in the ruins of the city there, it looked just like the landscape of Salt Lake City - a valley surrounded by the Rockies, and the theater he and Number 6 were in was a lot like the Salt Lake Tabernacle.

Point 4 is pretty subjective, but I think the other ones count for sure as Mormon influences on the story. Overall, though, I think the new producers are probably largely unaware of those themes and are just having fun with making a show about modern military and political themes: being attacked by an enemy we created but don't understand, when is torturing a good tactic, stealing elections, yadayada.

Unfortunately, I'll be travelling during the season premier tonight, and will have to bittorrent it and watch it later this week. I'm very happy that Adama has a moustache and Tyrell has a huge Abe Linclon beard.


Starbucks Produces Star Bucks

Starbucks Raises Target to 40,000 Stores Globally
Shares of Starbucks rallied $2.56, or 7.1 percent, to $38.52 as of 12:02 p.m. in Nasdaq Stock Market composite trading.
Starbucks opened 2,200 stores, or about five a day, in the year through Oct. 1. The company has said it expects to build 2,400 stores, or about six a day, in the year ending October 2007.
"Starbucks is nowhere near saturation in the U.S...

If by saturation, they mean having a Grande Spiced Chai Latte within 20 feet at all times, then yes, there is room for expansion.

There are roughly ~20 births in the District of Columbia each day. Humans of D.C. beware.. you are only outpacing Starbucks by a factor of 3.33. What's going to happen when all these Starbucks retire? You think social security is going to be able to bear the burden??

Jesus Image On Dog

Thanks Ivan.


Computer Geek 101

This came up in discussion regarding someone's computer graphics class, and I just wanted to make sure everyone got their daily does of geek cred. Presenting: "Second Reality". From the more in depth Wikipedia article, you can learn about one of "the best demos created during the early 1990s" and one of the "Top 10 Hacks of All Time".

Originally created for 486 hardware, but able to run on 386 computers with a SoundBlaster or Gravis UltraSound, this demo was coded entirely in assembler and fit on less than two floppy disks. Future Crew was one of the best known demo groups ever. Read about 'em all you want on Wikipedia, but here is their best known work:

As a bonus, after watching that, click here for a hilarious REAL WORLD re-enactment/tribute to the original Future Crew demo.

The Terminator vs Robocop

"The Creator hopes not to offend any directors, producers, actors or studios associated with the following video. This is simply a fan film made to pay tribute to great movies. The video was edited strictly for pleasure and never for monetary gain."

Never.... Gets..... Old......

What if every President was on YouTube. Do you think Rutherford B. Hayes clips would make you laugh this hard??


WotD: Twee

–adjective Chiefly British
affectedly dainty or quaint.

E.G. Paul's outfit was just twee.

Thanks Audrey!