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Johnny Walker Blue index

This great article by way of Gridskipper

In the mercurial world NYC nightlife the playing field for Blue Label is remarkably level.

So here’s the math: Blue Label wholesales for $176.92 a bottle New York City (as of 7/26/06). A standard 750ml bottle yields a little more than twelve 2 oz. servings (if the bar is pouring less than 2 oz. serving it will be kicked off the index for general stinginess). So a tumbler of JWB costs $14.74 wholesale. Divide that by how much it costs on the menu to get the index: $65 a drink at the SoHo Grand gives it a whopping JWBI 4.41–-meaning their mark-up is roughly 441% percent.

Though the math can, and will, be applied to any establishment, we'll start with some of the higher-end downtown hotels.

Downtown Hotels Average JWBI: 2.75
Soho Grand $65 (cost) // 4.41 (JWBI)
Tribeca Grand $65 // 4.41
Soho House $48 // 3.26
Gansevoort $42 // 2.85
Ritz Carlton (Battery Park City) $35 // 2.37
Matsuri/Maritime Hotel $30 // 2.04
W Union Square $30 // 2.04
60 Thompson - (Kittichai)* $25 // 1.70
Rivington Hotel - (Thor) $25 // 1.70
The Mercer [Mr. Balazs doesn't rock Blue Label]


At 1:00 PM, Blogger oded said...

The first annual so called executive game and Oded's birthday jamboree will have an index of negative infinity. So say we all.

At 1:05 PM, Blogger Miguel said...

It was 172CAN at the duty free in Calgary... I thought that was a ripoff, but I guess not according to this article

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