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Whoa, Space Elevator News

I didn't realize the Space Elevator made it into a popular video game, Halo 2:

I wonder if you get to ride/destroy it.

Meanwhile, I'd heard it'd be easier to build a Moon or Mars elevator than an Earth one, but what about Venus?
Conversely, a Venusian space elevator would need to be much longer [than for Earth]. Although a tether placed at the stationary orbit of the slowly rotating Venus would intersect the sun, one could be constructed that rotated with the fast-moving cloud decks of the planet which take only four earth days to make a complete cycle. The cable would need to exceed 100 thousand kilometers long but, counter-intuitively, would experience less stress due to the slightly smaller gravity exerted on the cable. Such an elevator could service aerostats or floating cities in the benign regions of the atmosphere.
I'm sure we'd all like to see The Empire Strikes Back become a reality.


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