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Tony Jaa

Tony Jaa is the most amazing working martial arts star. Yesterday Oded, Josko, and I saw him give a demonstration at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens and it was absolutely out-of-control. He did this form and used this high kick to launch an autographed soccer ball into the audience, among other things. (A photo of the soccer ball trick).

I learned that the upcoming film The Protecter (already released around the world besides USA as Tom Yung Goong) will be edited differently for the US market, so I'll definitely go when it opens on September 6 to compare notes with my Tom Yung Goong DVD (short review: at least two of cinema history's best action scenes, maybe more).

I also learned that Mr. Jaa has a cameo in Bodyguard. Not available on Netflix; I guess I’ll have to head to the Fulton Street mall in Brooklyn.

I can't find a schedule of other live appearances, but he was clearly recently in Washington DC, and I bet he'll be in LA around the time The Protecter opens. I can't recommend seeing him in person highly enough.

In the category of wonderful Tony Jaa news: I read a report that he will be directing Ong Bak II, and that it will showcase Thai weapons as well as hand-to-hand (& knee-to-face) techniques.

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(Eagerly awaiting your phone-cam pics to arrive on flickr, Josko.)


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