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Hungary, where eagles dare

US comedian Stephen Colbert won the first round of votes in an online public vote called by the Ministry of Economy and Transport to find a name for a new bridge spanning the Danube between Újpest and Budakalász, connecting two stretches of the M0 motorway ringroad.

Colbert asked the audience of his show to vote for him in the contest. After the show appeared online, he reached the top position within a day. The first round of voting was closed on Tuesday morning, which means visitors can no longer suggest new names but can vote for the top 25 suggestions after registering on the M0 bridge official site.

Colbert won the first round of voting with 17,231,725 (53%) votes. 17th century army general and poet Miklós Zrínyi was second with 2,062,649 (6%) votes, and revolutionary poet Sándor Petőfi's lazy hero Pató Pál came in third with 1,805,118 (6%) votes.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Colbert overwhelmingly led the second round with 6,976 (59%) votes. Jon Stewart stood at second place with 1,520 (13%) votes and Chuck Norris was third with 513 (4%) votes.

I think they should name a bridge after their national hero Whiskey Robber.


At 12:24 AM, Blogger joško said...

Wow, I like Steve Colbert AND Chuck Norris but they really gotta hand the bridge over to the Whiskey Robber. Outstanding.

At 12:13 PM, Blogger Miguel said...

Did ya read the book?


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