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The Harvard-educated daughter of Uzbekistan's autocratic President Islam Karimov has released a music video.

The song, entitled Don't Forget Me, is being played dozens of times per night on the Uzbek equivalent of MTV, Ferghana news agency said.

The video shows Gulnara Karimova, 33, singing and dancing in a cartoon world.

Analysts suggested the video could be aimed at building Ms Karimova's popular appeal, and even preparing her as a potential successor to her father.

Ms Karimova is a wealthy businesswoman thought to have acquired interests worth millions of pounds after her divorce from husband Mansur Maqsudi.

Ms Karimova, who was educated at Harvard University, is using the stage name GooGoosha and has so far recorded five songs, Ferghana said.

Mr Karimov, 66, heads a repressive regime accused of serious human rights violations and silencing political dissent.

His administration was condemned by the international community over the May 2005 bloodshed in Andijan.

Mr Karimov has been in power since 1991.


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