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Ya Can't Mess With These Fans

..they celebrate good losses. Just wait till Sunday, when they spill Asiaman blood on the field. Everyone's welcome to join me at Savalas for a big projected screen and cheap beer.

Croatia's fans lit flares and celebrated at the end of their 1-0 defeat to Brazil in their opening World Cup match at the Olympiastadion on Tuesday to show just how proud they were of their team.

Croatia coach Zlatko Kranjcar said afterwards that they always knew that this would be a game they would probably lose -- but that wins over Japan and Australia in their remaining two Group F fixtures should be enough to see them through.

"We always thought we might well find ourselves in this position after the first game so it's no surprise and no real disappointment," he said. "We were perhaps unlucky not to get a point but we know what we have to do to qualify now."

Victory in the next two matches cannot be taken for granted of course, but if Croatia play as well against Japan and Australia as they did against Brazil, the odds are probably on them taking all six points.

Croatia had far the better of play for about 20 minutes at the start of the second half and only some outstanding saves by Brazilian goalkeeper Dida stopped them reaping reward for inventive midfield play and direct attacking.

They probably could have even afforded to be rather more adventurous against Brazil and if Dado Prso had played in a more central role in the Croatia attack rather than trying to cut in from the wings, he might have ended the game with a goal or two.

Croatia are desperate to do well in these finals after flopping out at the first-round stage in 2002 following their semi-final appearance on their debut in 1998.

Kranjcar's team is well organised and proved against the world champions they could not be intimidated. One brilliant tackle in the second half by Robert Kovac summed up their speed of thought and their commitment.

Kranjcar's son Niko had a fine game in his usual attacking midfield role and went close with a header late in the game when Croatia looked as though they were easily capable of securing a draw.

Captain Niko Kovac, who failed to finish the game after picking up a rib injury following a heavy challenge from Brazil's Ze Roberto towards the end of the first half, agreed with his coach on what their priorities were now.

"We have to win both of the other games. We knew that before but now it's reality," he said. "Now we all need to concentrate on that."

He said he would know after training later on Wednesday whether he would be fit in time for the next game against Japan on Sunday in Nuremberg.


If you want a bunch of international blog commentary on the Brazil game, check this out.


At 10:58 PM, Blogger joško said...

Oh, and all props to the fans for sneaking in frikken FLARES. I could only imagine how tight the security must be.

At 11:07 PM, Blogger Ivan said...

I love that I love watching Croatia play. It is just leaps and bounds beyond my interest in watching all other sporting events throughout time, with the exception of a periodic brutal UFC match.

At 1:45 PM, Blogger Miguel said...

When's the game sunday?

At 9:18 AM, Blogger joško said...

Oops, it's at 9am EST. I'll check if Savalas is even open then...


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