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Drink Tank's Prayers Answered: A World Cup Where Hurling Ten-Pound Chunks Of Feces Is Encouraged

CHIANG MAI, Thailand, June 8, 2006 (AFP) - Eight elephants in northern Thailand have kicked off their own World Cup, painting their faces in team colors and staging their own tournament with a jumbo-sized ball.
Four teams with two elephants each are representing Brazil, Germany, Italy and Spain at the Mae Sa elephant camp outside the city of Chiang Mai.
The elephants can use either their front or rear feet to kick the ball into a goal guarded by another elephant.
"We had elephant football matches during the previous World Cup four years ago, and we found tourists really like it," the camp's director Anchalee Kalmapichit said.
Like the real World Cup in Germany, the elephants' matches will run for the next month, he said.


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