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Okay, Croatia didn't make it. There was a crazy English ref that allowed an Australian goal when the player was off-sides. Then he did some crazy triple-yellow card shit. Croatia also didn't play well enough. What can I say? I wish I was dead.

If you're a masochist like me, read a few hundred comments about the Croatia-Australia draw.

Meanwhile, check out this chart of the teams that actually survived the group phase:
My predictions are: Germany, Argentina, Italy, Switzerland, England, Netherlands, Brazil, and Spain to advance to quarter finals.

If Australia keeps winning, I'll just pretend that's at least how far Croatia woulda gotten, 'cause I honestly believe they're better, somehow. (Australia plays Italy next. Croatia soundly beat Italy in the 2002 World Cup.)
Meanwhile, I'm rooting for Ecuador over England, Ukraine over Switzerland, and maybe Mexico over Argentina (I say maybe because a match between Argentina and Brazil would be pretty awesome). For all else I'm pretty much rooting for whom I think will win.


At 12:01 AM, Blogger Ivan said...

I see no reason to have a few human refs for a match like that.

There needs to be a camera on every player and sensors on them and the ball to know their 6D coordinates (position and orientation).

The cameras are fed to a room of refs. 9 per player. A majority means a call.

No more acting. No more missed calls. No subjective offsides. No question who has ownership when the ball leaves the lines.

I could design and build this system for less than a superbowl ad.

...fuckin offsides.

At 1:29 AM, Blogger Miguel said...

I like France & (to a lesser extent) Portugal, otherwise yer predictions are pretty good... except I don't know why you're so sure Brazil is a lock for the final.

At 1:32 AM, Blogger Miguel said...

Ivan - design and build it. You can sell it for more than a superbowl ad, if markets have any power at all... so take the debt and make the money!

At 2:03 PM, Blogger Ivan said...

I have many ideas, and little time. Being gainfully employed at iRobot is wonderful. It would be hard to convince management that this is worth my time.

It will be easy to convince them that the next Grand Challenge is worth my time. I look forward to it.

How about a tiny prediction: Ghana beats Brazil in a massive upset.

At 9:03 PM, Blogger joŇ°ko said...

Ghana beating Brazil? I think I'm more likely to be maimed in a terrorist attack on my plane to London tomorrow. Here's knocking on wood.

PS. Ukraine is NOT weak! Ukraine is STRONG!


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