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Japan’s burgeoning craze for all things stress-relieving has created a market for that most elemental commodity: air. The salary men and women of the capital may soon be hooked on pocket-sized containers of oxygen. The country’s largest retail chain, 7-Eleven Japan, has begun selling small canisters of “O2 Supli” at its 11,000-strong network of convenience stores. The chain is carrying particularly large stocks of the cans in its stores in Tokyo’s office districts, which are packed with the stressed and supposedly oxygen-starved.

To the ranks of Japanese workers who believe in the health benefits of oxygen, the 35 measured snorts of 95% pure oxygen in each spray-can are the answer to their prayers. Advertisements for the cans claim that “modern stress-fighters” can finally have oxygen at their fingertips. Overwork, long hours in a stuffy office, lethargy or a scolding from a boss will all melt away after a two-second blast of invigorating grapefruit- or peppermint-scented oxygen. Some doctors are more sceptical, advising consumers to save themselves the cost of a $5 can of oxygen and achieve a similar effect by breathing regularly and occasionally having a good, old-fashioned yawn.

Sounds like these stressed-out Japanese need less oxygen and more whiskey. Or was it hyper-baric oxygen chambers that allowed Japan to tie Croatia on Sunday?


At 6:34 PM, Blogger Miguel said...

Didn't the Evil team use something like that in Shaolin Soccer?


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