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US Govn't: Mr. Zarqawi Is A Poseur Who Can't Even Fire A Basic Infantry Weapon And Walks Around In Comfortable, White New Balances

In the video released last week by the terrorist Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, he is seen firing long bursts from a heavy automatic rifle, his forearms sprouting from beneath black fatigues as he exudes the very picture of a strong jihadist leader.

In out-takes from the same video, Mr. Zarqawi, the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq, cuts an altogether different figure:

As the camera rolls, Mr. Zarqawi is flummoxed by how to fire the machine gun until an aide walks over and fiddles with the weapon so it discharges. Another scene shows Mr. Zarqawi hand the weapon off to several other insurgents, who absent-mindedly grab it by its scalding hot barrel.

And after his shooting scene, Mr. Zarqawi walks away from the camera to reveal decidedly non-jihadist footwear: Comfortable white New Balance sneakers.

Turning the tables of propaganda on the most hunted man in Iraq, the American military released the video out-takes today...


At 9:32 PM, Blogger joško said...

Oh, but look! It gets funnier:

In the violence today, nine people were killed and 44 others wounded outside a civil court building. Many were couples who had come to get their marriage licenses, Iraqi police officials said.

It was not known if the attack was the work of al Qaeda. The street outside the courthouse on Palestine Street was littered with the documents needed to obtain the licenses, and toffees in yellow cellophane brought to celebrate the marriages were scattered on the ground.

A stapled pair of food ration cards — the standard form of identification here — for a man named Ali Saad and a woman named Khawla Salem lay on the sidewalk near a puddle whose water had been clouded with blood.


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