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A Good Monday-Night Read

Reading around about the Cultural Revolution got me to this amazing page about the Sino-Soviet Split during the Cold War. I had no idea this story was so involved. The split led to Nixon's visit, a huge Soviet military build-up on the Chinese border, and veteran American journalist Harrison Salisbury publishing a book called The Coming War Between Russia and China.

I mean, just consider this:
When Mikhail Gorbachev came to power in the Soviet Union in 1985, he endeavored to restore normal relations with China. Soviet military forces along the border were greatly reduced, normal economic relations were resumed, and the border issue was quietly forgotten. The Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan removed the major contention between the two states. However, the ideological issues of the 1960s were not resolved, and official relations between the two Communist parties were not resumed. The still frosty relations between the Soviet Union and China prompted many in the United States government under Ronald Reagan to consider China a natural counterbalance against the Soviet Union, resulting in American military aid to the People's Liberation Army.
What!? Check it out.


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