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Kyrgyz Officials To Curb Partying At State Cost

By Bradley Cook
April 11 (Bloomberg) -- Kyrgyzstan's Prime Minister Felix
Kulov told government officials to stop partying so hard at state
expense and urged them to kill fewer horses and cows during
celebrations, Interfax reported, citing a government statement.
"Political and administrative officials are advised to
celebrate family events without inviting a lot of people and
without an overabundance of food and killing of horses and cows,''
Kulov wrote in a decree, Interfax reported today.
The decree was necessary "to eliminate the artificially
cultivated custom of opulently celebrating national events,'' the
Russian news service cited the government statement as saying.
Kyrgyzstan, a former Soviet state located between China and
Kazakhstan, has a population of about 5 million. Former President
Askar Akayev, the country's first post-Soviet leader, was driven
from power by a popular uprising last year. He fled to Moscow.

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