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Who needs nano-implants and retinal scans when there are IPods?

Apparently, Police were able to positively identify a woman in critical condition from a hit-and-run by contacting Apple using her IPod serial number. I wonder whether they will indicate this connection was possible because she knowingly registered it in her name, or if the Apple store she purchased it at sneakily associated the serial number with her credit card. Normal companies don't have this luxury because they don't run retail outlets, so there would be no way for them to match serial numbers and credit cards together. Since Apple sold the product and collected the credit card, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a database floating around at Jobs HQ that maps every single customer of Apple stores to their IZombie serial number.

What the article does not mention, however, is that Police are 99% sure the woman was struck because she has a shitty taste in music.


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