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Spanish Youth Drinking The Night Away

Thousands of Spanish youngsters have been exercising their democratic rights - protecting the right to get drunk.

The youths swarmed onto the streets for mass drinking sessions, defying legislation introduced to stop the binges known as "botellones".

Police in the southern Spanish city of Granada said up to 25,000 people had gathered, causing the closure of a major road.

Youths rallied revellers by email and text messages for"macrobotellones" in 20 cities around Spain, while authorities have pleaded with parents to keep their children under control and pointed out the dangers of under-age drinking.

The botellon (big bottle) has become a seedy part of city life over recent years as teenagers, bored at home and too poor to go to bars, buy beer, spirits and cartons of wine from food stores and lounge around in plazas, drinking the night away.

Sounds fun.

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