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A Friend Emailed This To Me


I had this crazy dream about Arnold Schwarzenegger shaving. My entire field of view was his face, just about ear-to-ear. Let me repeat: all I could see for this dream was the bulk of Arnold's face.

He was shaving, whole beard area covered in white cream. He agonizingly used a razor to shave his left half (from my view, the right half). The scraping sound was crazy. Yah know when shaving when you can tell that you scratched too hard, and you'll have a tiny blood spots? He was getting those all over. After one side was done, he started rubbing certain really bad parts with water, very roughly, giving out grunts of pain and frustration. With cream still on the right half of his face, he yelled really loud, in his characteristic fashion.

It looked something like this.

Totally crazy dream.


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