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Seeing Only Evil

My favorite Hudson Valley monthly, Chronogram, has a new interview with Robert Baer, the ex-CIA officer whose memoirs inspired the film Syriana.

LT: In See No Evil you talk of a failed coup in '95 in Iraq and your attempt to alert people to it. Ahmad Chalabi was involved. Patriotic Union of Kurdistan leader Jalal Talabani was involved. There was actual fighting going on, and they didn't believe you.

RB: No, they just didn't believe it because it was cloudy. They couldn't see it with satellites. Essentially the analysts and a lot of people at the desk level in Washington have grown up in shopping malls, and that's their reality.

LT: You think it's that simple?

RB: Sure it's that simple. They have no idea what an Arab is. There's this guy that just resigned from the CIA, he ran Iraqi operations, and he said out of the 40 people he had working for him leading up to the war, only two of them had ever met an Arab overseas.


At 9:40 AM, Blogger Ivan said...

The lack of human intelligence is a big problem. It's apparently leftover from an era of play-it-safe overuse of electronic surveillance.


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