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the murder weapon?

The gun in question is a 28 caliber Perazzi Brescia. Its been reported that it was full of bird / buckshot. Anyone know what a gun like that does at 30 yards (The victims distance from the assassin)? I have no idea, friends at drink tank, I throw the question out there. is this a bb gun or a bazooka?


At 1:01 PM, Blogger Miguel said...

"A lot of news story have described the 28 gauge shotgun as a smaller, less powerful gun. Some have called it a woman's gun. What if it was? What if Willeford was less experienced with a gun or if she was the one that was drinking a little too much? It's possible that the only thing more damaging than the Vice President shooting someone might be his mistress shooting someone."


In case you didn't know, Cheney's hunting party included the VP, the ranch spokeswoman Katherine Armstrong, the old lawyer who got shot, and the US Ambassador to Sweden Pamela Willeford, a longtime friend of George and Laura Bush and a major donor to the Republican party.

Another plausible scenario is that going out with major fundraisers is part of Cheney's job, he barely knows these people, and he was just going with the flow and had too much to drink. Because he's only with Republican loyalists, they can cover up his intoxication reliably, as long as no one cares why he stonewalled the poice for 12+ hours after the incident.


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