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Josko, where did you say you were this weekend?

Some inventive hoods are $25,000 richer -- in beer.

A semi trailer loaded with delicious Miller beer was stolen from the Millis Transfer Company lot in Richfield, Wisconsin.

The truck wasn't reported missing until company management could confirm it was stolen, and not just unaccounted for. The trailer was found four days later at another trucking firm, empty of its booty.

The tasty cargo included 384 24-packs of Miller Genuine Draft cans, 560 18-packs of Miller Genuine Draft bottles, 980 18-packs of Miller Genuine Draft cans, and 40 24-packs of Miller Light bottles.

A spokesperson for the trucking company had this to say about the culprits:

"They’ll have a pretty big party. Unless they get caught."

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