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"Good Luck, And Have Fun In Jail."

"You would make us eat pancake batter, dried-up grits and oatmeal, uncooked Cream of Wheat, and raw potatoes instead of cooked food," Bruce Jackson, now 21, told his adoptive mother and the crowded courtroom. "You didn't take us to any doctor's appointments. You wouldn't let us watch TV or play with our toys. You wouldn't let us take a shower when we were dirty."

He read from a piece of paper in a calm and determined voice betrayed by a slight slur.

"You yelled at us, cursed at us, hit us with brooms, rulers, sticks, shoes and belt buckles; I still have the marks to prove it," he told Vanessa Jackson, 50, who took him in as a foster child when he was 7 and later adopted him.

"I want to see Ms. Jackson go to jail for life," he said. "You were mean to me my whole life, so you deserve the same thing you did to me for the rest of your life. You took my childhood."

Ms. Jackson sat impassively in her chair, staring straight ahead, as the boys recounted their life with her and her husband, Raymond, who died in late 2004: their sparse diets of raw food, how they were beaten with brooms and belts and forced to stand on the occasions when they were allowed to eat. They never saw a doctor or dentist, and were never allowed to bathe. Bruce Jackson said his teeth became so rotten they had to be removed.

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At 4:24 PM, Blogger Trevor said...

jesus christ, the kid in that picture was nineteen!? 4 feet tall and 45 lbs. two years ago, he's now 5' 3" and 140 lbs. poor bastards.

At 5:40 PM, Blogger Ivan said...

Only 7 years?

This is all pretty fucked up.

By the way, his suit from the more recent picture looks like the one I got married in -- the tie brings it together.


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