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Happy Abramoffukkah Everybody!!!

As we approach the coming of Abramoffukkah, we learn more and more about the origin story behind the scandal. It goes something like this: Our parents always told us that the problem with Washington was that with all the lobbyists and special interests and money moving hither and yon, there was too much skin in the game. Now we learn that most of that skin was wrapped around the manyly bone structure and vital internal organs of Jack Abramoff, who may have influence-peddled his way into the bosom of a considerable number of well-heeled politicos.

We only have Abramoff on the hook today because his partner, Michael Scanlon, rolled on him. And, as Raw Story reported today, we may only know about Michael Scanlon because of a jilted former lover, Emily Miller, who avenged herself after Scanlon took up with a manicurist by going to the FBI and dropping the proverbial dime. You may remember Miller from the time she famously attempted to prematurely end a Meet The Press interview with Colin Powell.

But wait, it gets even more enjoyable.

Tom Delay, whose extensive dealings with Abramoff have goosed speculation that his name may be well-suited to appear on the Abramoffukkah bingo card, has loudly complained that all of the scandals surrounding him are baseless and are all "just another seedy attempt by the liberal media to embarrass me." Deliciously, Scanlon and Miller met one another when they both worked for Tom Delay -- he as his director of communications, she as his press secretary -- and soon after, took up their campaign of furtive, secret a-boinking. So I guess these means that the "liberal media" includes Delay's own press mouthpieces. Who knew?

It's all a seven-layer dip of tasty malfeisance with the sourest of creams yet to be added. Still, you have to wonder, with the intricate webs of distrust so clearly on display within the Congress, between members and aides and lobbyists, isn't it just awesome that it will be these people who will try to decide who gets to wiretap who?

Got to love that Wonkette. countdown till Ivan points out that there are some democrats named starting now.


At 9:42 PM, Blogger Ivan said...

A congressperson accepting bribes should be considered treason.

At 4:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Editors and Readers,

Does this new nickname for the Abramoff scandal in DC sound a bit on
> the anti-semitic side? or is it just funny? or am I missing something.
> Abramoff is Jewish, Hannukah is a Jewish holiday, what's the JOKE
> HERE? i don't get it. I don't LIKE it. but here
> it is all over the web and blogs now.
> Is this the new hip, cool antisemitism of today, or it is just funny
> and some people just don't GET it? Okay, then enlighten me: why give
> the scandal a Jewish sounding nickname playing on Hannukkah?
> Why not the usual Abramoffgate......
> Someone needs to ANSWER for this sick nickname, and I say this as a
> left leaning Democrat from way back who thinks JA is in big doodoo and
> should pay for whatever crimes he may have committed, sure. But to
> call the scandal by a Jewishish nickname, that is scandalous! OICH!
> What is happening to America?

At 5:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This nickname for the scandal around Jack Abramoff, rather than Abramoffgate or something, has been coined as Abramoffukkah, and although this term appears first on Wonkette's blog, coined by someone going by the name of DCver, it has appeared so far only online in blogs and yahoo-related search results for blog. It has never appeared in print yet, but my guess is soon. Soon.

According to those who think they know the genesis of this possibly offensive nickname and then maybe just post-Hannukah funny with no ethnic slur intended, this being post-Jon Stewart America.....

[ the ''porte manteau'' (look it up!) ''Abramoffukkah'' is playing off the Patrick Fitzgerald grand jury thing. The day Scooter Libby was indicted was called the First Day of Fitzmas. So, from Fitzmas to Abramoffukkah. When they slap Ken Lay in irons, that day will be called Enronzaa.
So, in short. It *IS* funny; and some people don't get it.. ]

PS - For the slower kids in the class: (I was told, again, by those who seem to think they know)

Patrick Fitzgerald + Christmas = Fitzmas :: Jack Abramoff + Hanukkah = Abramoffukkah

Questions to posters here:

1. Will this ''term'' ever appear in PRINT versions of our newspapers or magazines?

2. Is it funny?

3. Is it ethnically slurry? Holidayishly unholidayishy?

4. Or was it only good for a short post-holiday FirstWeek after New Year's Day run on the blogosphere?


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