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The Exile was right

Book reviewer (and possible War Nerd coauthor) John Dolan has challenged the truth of bestselling author James Frey's rehab "memoirs" several times:
[A Million Pieces Of Shit] [A Million Bottles Of Beer On The Wall] [Frey's Fairy Godfather]

Now The Smoking Gun is onboard, disputing all the "facts" in the book which should have had a court record of some sort. A Million Little Lies: The Man Who Conned Oprah. Notable quotable:
When we suggested that he might owe millions of readers and Winfrey fans an explanation for these discrepancies, Frey, now a publishing powerhouse, replied, "There's nothing at this point can come out of this conversation that, that is good for me."

This type of thing was formerly known to Oded and I as the Iceberg Slim phenomenon after the jailbreak stories in his memoir Pimp - "that story is so amazing I just don't think it's true."

In other literary hoax news, JT Leroy may be HIV positive, but s/he is not real.


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