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Santas + Anarchy = Santarchy

Santarchy -- or Santacon as it's also known -- began in San Francisco. In 1994, a man identifying himself as Klaus Maginrannus published his statement of purpose in the Twisted Times:

I need a drink real bad, and I'm hornier than a whole herd of reindeer. Keep your kids away from me. Keep your dog away from me. Me and my friends (30 other loser Santas) just graduated from the Kris Kringle Institute, and now we're gonna paint the town red. And white. And shove jingle bells up its ass! Merry f**king Christmas!

In the 11 years since, the inaugural assault on holiday decency has spread across the country and as far away as Bangkok.

The recent rampage in Auckland, New Zealand is loosely related to "Santarchy" events held by drunken Santas all over the world, but Alex Dyer said his gang is all about chaos and drinking.

"People do Santarchy in other countries, sure, and for them maybe that's their aim, but with us we're just dressing up as Santa and getting drunk. We just like booze."


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I like to get up early to go out and breathe fresh air. I feel that it is good for health and a good habit


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