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Ah.. tonight is the last night travelling the tube... And by tube, I don't mean "digestive tract of a 6 meter python". No, I mean London, mate! Although I arrived to find a slight mix-up at the hotel -- I was accidentally upgraded to a full-size apartment -- the arrival was pretty smooth. I recommend that anyone coming to London for a few days do what I did first: wake up at 4:30am to fly to Amsterdam for exactly 13 hours. The really adventurous types even learn a bit of Dutch while there:

Dutch: Ik heb een ambulance nodig, er zijn overal spinnen en ik ben heel erg bang.
Phonetic: Ick hep un um-boo-luns-uh no-digg, ur sign over-ul spin-nun en ick ben hail air-gggh bung.
English: I need an ambulance, the spiders are everywhere and I'm really quite scared.

Saturday I visited and figured out the mystery behind Stonehenge only to forget it by the time the train returned from Salisbury. And no, no one in Salisbury has ever heard of a Salisbury steak.

The hotel is, in the words of Borat, niiiiice. Free Playstation/DVD rentals? With free Playboy TV on hotel cable, what else does the business traveller need? Just kidding, that is disgusting. I don't know who watches that stuff. Ahem.. so, did you hear Chancellor Brown had to raid the North Sea oil companies for 2bln pound to cover expenditures? Poor David Best was laid to rest, not to rhyme, as was previously reported. Cameron took over the leadership of the Tory party, to shake some fear into those Conservative MPs. Goooooo Tories!

Cheers, Andrew (Foreign Correspondent, Drink Tank Press Corps)

p.s. I'd like to give a shout out to my employer for backing my simultaneous hostile takeover of the British and Dutch economies.

p.p.s. The Dutch word for numbers is nummers. Brilliant.


At 7:26 PM, Blogger Andrew said...

I forgot to mention, Dutch cheese is very gouda.

At 8:37 PM, Blogger Ivan said...

sounds like fun!


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