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Raise your hand if you inspired Iraqis to undertake international terrorist acts yesterday

Bush: Republicans didn't bullshit our way into Iraq - just ask the Republican Senate. Oh, and also, Democrats have made mistakes, too, so shut up!


At 5:53 PM, Blogger Ivan said...

The democrats re-write history to pitch themselves as dumber than Bush, being duped by the GOP. Bush calls bullshit.

He's to blame for terrorism, or at least "inspired it", as if Al Queda didn't exist before Iraq was invaded?

If you ever want the democrats to win again, (as i've said before), you should help organize a plan to better kill/stop terrorists, rather than re-write history & cry uncle.

Yes, by the way, it is good to be back from vacation :)

At 9:48 PM, Blogger Miguel said...

as if Al Queda didn't exist before Iraq was invaded? Um, all other things being equal, do you think Jordan would be attacked by more Iraqis from Falluja or less if we did not declare war on Iraq?

organize a plan Look up Rumsfeld's Rules: Holes.


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