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Not THAT post article the other post article..... Sheesh....

"CNN reported earlier in the day that Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) had said a Republican senator may have leaked information about the so-called black sites to the Post. Lott told reporters yesterday that he had been talking about another Post article. He said he was not talking about the article about the detention and interrogation facilities.

GOP aides conjectured privately that Frist’s delay in signing the letter may have been caused by concern over the possibility of endangering a Republican senator by calling for the investigation.

Frist told a gaggle of reporters at around 5 p.m. that he had not signed the letter. He did not sign it until 5:45 p.m. But even after then, it was not certain whether Frist had signed the letter. Frist’s office compounded the confusion by informing some reporters that he had signed the letter but also decided not to release it.

Confusion caused by Frist’s delayed endorsement of the letter was evident during a dialogue Tuesday evening between CNN anchor Lou Dobbs and CNN correspondent Ed Henry.

Dobbs said, “The fact that the majority leader in the U.S. Senate, Senator Bill Frist, has pointed out that he’s not officially signed the agreement with Dennis Hastert, the Speaker of the House, that seems like a pretty clear statement. Would you like to conclude what "


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