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New Hampshire ranks last in giving

For the fourth year running, New Hampshire was the most miserly state in the nation, according to an annual index.

New Englanders remain among the most tightfisted in the country when it comes to charitable giving, while Bible Belt residents are among the most generous, according to the Catalogue of Philanthropy's Generosity Index. Mississippi remained at the top for generosity.

The index, which takes into account both 'having' and 'giving,' is based on average adjusted gross incomes and the value of itemized charitable donations reported to the Internal Revenue Service on 2003 tax returns, the latest available."


At 1:50 PM, Blogger Ivan said...

The article brings up plenty of points for criticism of the methods used to rank.

Should they be ranked involving income vs. just absolute giving?

Should they be ranked at all? [or - should we care?]

At 6:30 PM, Blogger oded said...

people who care about people who need charity should care. I think that it is natural that the most meiserly state would also be critical of a report decrying them as cheep. I also think it is unsuppriseing that people who dont want to pay taxes are the same people who dont want to give to charity.

At 10:25 PM, Blogger Ivan said...

it's more like "people who care when other people don't give charity should care".

i think you're right though, somewhat. Not that people who don't want to pay taxes wouldn't want to give to charity. Rather, people who don't want to be told how to spend their money (through taxes given to the man) don't want to be told what is 'fair' to give as charity.

Further, charity is tax deductible, so states with higher taxes regimes have higher incentive to give to charity.

Despite that, charity is almost completely correlated with the state of the economy (though can still have persistent differences between states).

It's like tipping for me. Forget that 15% BS. Obligatory gratuity is an oxymoron. The only reason I tip is not to feel bad. I am rarely grateful for the service I would much rather have a robot perform. (though that last part can easily be misread -- yall know i just like robots)


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