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MIT Media Lab: $100 Laptop

"Please note that the $100 laptops—not yet in production—will not be available for sale. The laptops will only be distributed to schools directly through large government initiatives."

Why not? Why not charge the actual cost + $100, and make it available to anyone? That way, this non-profit could give a laptop to someone for each purchase, and the distribution wouldn't have to be just through large government donations.

Also, the effective cost of the laptop would go down.

Any ideas for how much it will actually cost?


At 7:44 AM, Blogger oded said...

I think the machine actually costs them a hundred dollars to produce, but, they cant even start rolling these things out at that price until they have 10 million preorders. Part of keeping the cost down is not having the same sort of marketing and support scheme that other computer makers spend money on. I bet the design is open source, so if you know anybody that thinks they can turn a profit on these things they should probably give these people a call. Do you want a crappy laptop you can't store any information on for a hundred dollars? alternatively do you think there is anyone who would want one of these that has a hundred dollars to spend other than charitable organizations?


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