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Republican presidents don't like to go to church either

This is a follow up from a verbal assertion, made to Ivan, Josko, and Oded over a hookah - that GW Bush and Reagan only ever attend/attended church sporadically and to appeal to their voters.

This article about Bush appeared in The New Republic (a magazine owned by Democrats who voted Bush in 2004). It asserts that he attends no church and hasn't been rebutted to my knowledge.

Even the lunatics at opinionjurnal.com feel they need to mention that "Reagan did not attend church regularly when he occupied the White House" in an otherwise ludicrous article about how the Cold War was essentially spiritual. The stated reason is that it was too much of a hassle.


At 11:27 AM, Blogger joško said...

Wikipedia on Reagan:

Reagan was a committed Christian from his childhood, and frequently addressed Christian groups. He rarely attended church during his presidency, citing security concerns, but became a member and regular attendant of Bel Air Presbyterian Church after leaving office.

At 11:34 AM, Blogger joško said...

Wikipedia on Bush Part 2:

After meeting with evangelist Billy Graham in 1985 Bush became more involved in religion. It was also during this period that he left the family's Episcopal Church in the United States of America and joined his wife's denomination, the United Methodist Church. This decision reflected Bush's conversion experience during these years, prompting him to move towards a faith community that embraced a more conservative religious belief system.

Currently Bush is known for his private daily morning Bible study periods, and for the Thursday lunch Bible study meetings which he sponsors at the White House. While he invariably shies away from directly discussing the particulars of his faith, he is known to generally advocate conservative Christian religious values.

....no mention of church attendence.

At 11:43 AM, Blogger joško said...

On Wikipedia, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and George H. W. Bush don't have sections called 'religious beliefs,' nor does a search for 'church' or 'religion' lead to any mention of church attendence...

At 1:30 PM, Blogger Miguel said...

No mention of church attendance because Bush doesn't go to church, as I've been saying all along. Bush talks to God, according to Bush, and that is satisfactory for his faith.

Reagan claimed to be "born-again" whilst campaigning, and stopped attending church upon winning the presidency.

I'll back down from saying that politicians only go to appeal to voters, because Reagan's feelings are really unknowable (although he did believe in something out there bigger than himself). But I'll stand by my assertion that famous Republican presidents, idolized by the Christian Right, feel that it's unimportant to go to church.

Clinton and Carter went to services every week.

Interesting wikipedia list. Quakers make lousy presidents.

At 2:08 PM, Blogger joško said...

Um, Nixon was a Quaker!


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