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Get Ready

..for the next generation of X-Prizes. Bigger, higher, faster. It's a very exciting time.

In jointly moving forward on the new prizes, Peter Diamandis, Founder and Chairman of the X Prize Foundation said: "It'’s our goal that these and other prizes create each year here in New Mexico a multi-million dollar cash purse, …that will attract teams from around the world and move us faster, higher, and more safely into space."

Also joining in on today's announcement was Astronaut Steve Robinson who flew aboard Discovery on the recent return-to-flight mission.

"There'’s excitement in the air," Robinson said. "All these folks with so many ideas, …this is way the future is," he said.

The next challenge:
  • Suborbital Payload Challenge
  • : Reusable suborbital rocket launch with a certain size payload able to reach a certain altitude. The X prize was to 100 kilometers but NASA wants these new suborbital rockets to go much higher. If they can reach certain altitudes scientists at NASA would be interested in flying instruments and experiments on these vehicles.
  • Suborbital Lunar Landing Analog Challenge
  • : NASA'’s on the lookout for a reusable suborbital rocket that takes off and lands vertically and reaches a certain speed during flight. Those parameters would demonstrate the basic capabilities and rocket energies necessary to land and launch from the Moon. NASA hopes to broaden the number of engines, landing systems, and suppliers the space agency needs to return to the Moon.
Good luck people!


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