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London, October 3 (FPB) -
Hilda Foley, spokesperson of the National Federation of American Croats (an umbrella association linking major Croatian American organisations and many individuals), sent a letter to British MP and former minister for Europe Denis McShane, responding to his article published in the Financial Times last Friday, in which Denis McShane cautions the EU not to open negotiations with Croatia before General Gotovina is apprehended and transferred to The Hague.

In her letter to McShane Foley writes:
"One has to read with shock and total amazement your commentary of 9/30 in the Financial Times 'European Union must square up to Croatia on charges against Gotovina'. Are you really so ill-informed about Croatia's General Gotovina's role in the liberation of rebel Serb occupied Croatian territory in the so-called Krajina, or is it your typical British Government's affinity for the Serb cause, no matter how illegal and barbaric?

"The sheer idea of General Gotovina being accused of "command responsibility" even though he never gave any commands for deliberate destruction or the killing of some 150 Serb civilians (it does not seem to cross anyone's mind that some of these Serb civilians gave armed resistance) should then also be applied to British and American generals when their troops act against Geneva conventions.

"Indeed, General Gotovina angrily addressed his subordinates upon hearing of some occurrences of killings and there were several trials of the guilty ones. While Croatia extradited all but this one fugitive, who is not in Croatia, Serbs still hide Bosnia's leader Karadzic and General Mladic, who directly ordered the killing of thousands of people first in Croatia and then in Bosnia. It is outrageous that a comparison with Gotovina could even be made. It should also be remembered that these ethnic Serbs occupied with the help of Serb paramilitary and the Yugoslav army one third of Croatia, where they ethnically cleansed the entire Croat population, looting and destroying their homes and properties and committing untold atrocities. Mass graves in Croatia testify to this barbarism.

"To charge Gotovina of "ethnic cleansing" is ludicrous, as was made quite clear during the ICTY trial of Milosevic that the Serb population of the Krajina, some 150-200 thousand, were ordered to evacuate by their own leadership, Serb General Mrksic and "president" Martic. They confirmed this in an interview published in the Belgrade newspaper "Politika" on Aug. 25. 1995. It is not surprising that General Gotovina refuses to give himself up, because he knows he is falsely accused and seeing how the Bosnian Croat General Blaskic, falsely accused, was given a 45 year sentence and after serving nine years was just recently freed when the wrong conviction was overturned. Obviously there is rampant injustice and bias against Croatia in some very high places.

"Remarking that Tudjman and Milosevic policies caused the "Balkan war" you obviously follow the West's mantra of "equally guilty" without realizing the simple truth that all of the Yugoslav Republics had the constitutional right to secede and Serbia had no right to stop them. Croatia and Slovenia legitimately voted for democracy and independence from Serb domination after the first free democratic elections in 1990, while Serbia remained communist. Obviously this did not agree with Milosevic's and the nationalist Serbs' longtime dream of "Greater Serbia". In contrast, Croatians never stepped a foot on Serb soil."


At 1:24 PM, Blogger Ivan said...

I see little of value with convicting "crimes against humanity". There is more to be gained from dragging a former leader dead through the streets or letting the country convict their own criminals. A big reason for this is that there is no established connection between the people of the world, and a rule making body who decide on what is crime, and enforce it.

Add to this that there was no crime, and the picture is sad.

My hope is that Croatia adopts a more free economic policy, and avoids EU membership alltogether.


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