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Dawn of the Dead (1978)

I just finished this. It was good. The newer zombie movies have better effects, but that's ok.

I wanted to ask the DrinkTank community what they feel the chances for survival are in a zombie attack. It seems to me there are way too many bullets in gun stores and military warehouses to forgo the option of manually killing every zombie. But, if the spread is too fast, those stores can't be used. But, even in a fast spread, the people in those areas are probably already the most prepared people, and most likely to make it beyond the confusion stage.

We can probably all agree it would go something like this:
Institutional Collapse
Local Safety
Zombie Hunting/Everyone Dies

Advanced movies like 'Land of the Dead' are in an equilibrium in the final state. '28 Days' is a bit different because there is a quarantine. If it holds, the zombies have no chance.

I've been playing this game. I highly recommend it. If requested in the comments, I'll post a personal strategy guide.

I wonder if there is a mod you can put on top of Everquest or Even SecondLife that would let you simulate a zombie outbreak. I would love to see a more realistic simulation.


At 4:56 PM, Blogger joŇ°ko said...

I forget: is it only Britain that has the zombies in 28 Later?

Ivan, the next zomby film you must watch is "Return of the Living Dead"---a spinoff/ripoff of the original Romero films. You'll quickly notice its Zomby-rules atypical. There's also a hot naked punk lady through the bulk of the film.


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