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People's Daily Online

Lester Brown, who scared the world by asking "Who will feed China" in 1994, said today that, "the United States has become the greatest threat to world energy."

Brown, president and founder of the Earth Policy Institute, based in the United States, called for the China to give up its model of economic development, which evolved in the United States and is characterized by inefficiency and pollution.

"The fossil-fuel based, auto-centered economy of the United States threatens not only the world energy supply, but also the climate," said Brown, during his stay in Beijing to attend the "Twenty First Forum," in an exclusive interview with Xinhua which sharply criticized US energy policy.
As you could have guessed, I don't agree. China can't afford NOT to follow the US model. With wealth, comes the ability to pay for more advanced technologies. Wealth literally brings environmental health. Just compare (though these might be old numbers) the burning of coal in the US & China. The US produces 4 times the energy with half the pollution and twice the coal as China does.

Further, as I like to point out, "energy policy" isn't just about the government. It's about what the people choose as they become more interested in conservation. Judging from the growing number of Priuses in Boston, I'm confident the change will impress everyone.


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