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No Direction Home

Watched part one of No Direction Home... pretty good, IMHO.
The best guy is Liam Clancy, who's always filmed with a pint in front of him. In my favorite part so far, he's talking about a song with a full beer in front of him and then it jump cuts and the beer is mostly empty and Clancy is standing up singing and waving his arms around. From linked article:
Irish folk singer Liam Clancy is an absolute hero, a man who listens not to the prevailing winds of passing fancies. Dylan explains on the film how Clancy would sit him down in the White Horse in Greenwich Village, require him to drink 30 pints of Guinness, and then say to him, "Bob - no malice, no fear, no envy." I think that's good advice for us all.


At 12:23 PM, Blogger Miguel said...

Although it was a little chintzy how the documentary says that Dylan's manager created a fake image for sell-outs Peter, Paul and Mary but that Dylan had more integrity in his business dealings with the same guy. One data point to support that Peter, Paul and Mary are commercialized is that Paul changed his name... Zimmerman was different?!


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