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We've been dancing around the question of who we're fighting in Iraq and what motivates them a little bit here and here. But I never thought to suggest (even though I'm quite a war skeptic) that the terrorists we hear about attacking Iraqi police and civilians are British Special Forces.
They had been wearing Arab clothes when they were arrested in the southern city by a Shia militia loyal to the Iraqi government.

The militia accused them of shooting at policemen who approached them.

Click through to linked article to see a picture of a (different) English soldier on fire as he jumps out of the tank that the British troops used to break their special ops out of jail with.
UPDATE: Sploid has more info & pictures and has it right when they say it's "the most outrageous story from the Iraq occupation since Abu Ghraib." We've been told we're there to prevent a civil war...


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The burning soldier looks like a mannequin!


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