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From The Department Of Perfunctory Torture

"He said it was a cheap little alarm clock and that there was no reason to lie," Mr. Qin said. "I should just confess. Then everyone could go home."

Mr. Qin said he hoped his detention really was prompted by a petty theft. But instinct told him not to admit stealing something he did not steal. So the pressure intensified.

Mr. Shen organized four teams of two policemen each. The teams interrogated Mr. Qin in consecutive six-hour shifts, day and night, for three days.

The questioning quickly turned to torture.

... ...The technique is known as "tiger stool."

... ... This was referred to as "taking a jet plane."

... ...They referred to this as "circling the pig."

By his third day in detention, he said, he felt delirious. "It would take a superman to resist," he recalled.


At 3:19 PM, Blogger joŇ°ko said...

Finally, pressed to specify the color of the stolen alarm clock, he made a guess: "White." An officer whacked his head and asked again, "What color was the clock?" "Red," he offered, but he got another blow. Then he said, "Green." The beating stopped.

Soon thereafter, Mr. Shen told Mr. Qin his theft of the alarm clock proved he had killed Ms. Jia. The police now had all the evidence they needed, he said, but Mr. Qin must cooperate fully to avoid the harshest punishment. That meant he must volunteer every detail of the crime, three times over, and confess a complete narrative.


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