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Toyota sees 100% hybrid vehicle lineup. Record fuel prices will shrink demand for its conventional cars, automaker contends.

Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corp. said all its vehicles will eventually be run by hybrid gasoline-electric motors, as record fuel prices curb demand for conventional automobiles.

"In the future, the cars you see from Toyota will be 100 percent hybrid," Executive Vice President Kazuo Okamoto told reporters, without giving a time frame.

Japan's biggest carmaker is aiming to make as many as 400,000 gasoline-electric vehicles in 2006, including Prius cars, Camry sedans, Highlander sport-utility vehicles and Coaster buses.

Other car companies are bound to notice and most likely follow suit. Better now than when an abrupt simultaneous shift from fossile fuels by all sectors would torpedo* the world's economy.

*BONUS fun fact: did you know the torpedo was invented by a Croatian?


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