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Oded and I are helping to organize a hurricane relief fundraiser, and would very much appreciate it if you could come. It's going to be held this Sunday, September 11, at Low Bar in DUMBO where my roommates work, and where the owners have agreed to let us use their space. We will be raising money for the Red Cross, and I'd be very pleased if you would contribute at our event. There will be DJs and live music, interrupted only by our MC (Oded) repeatedly asking for you to give charitably. The proceeds from the bar, donation box, and auction will be going to charity. In addition, a number of businesses and individuals have donated valuables to be auctioned off (training at Gleason's Gym, various artworks, etc.)

More info is at our webpage, with the easy-to-remember URL brooklynbayou.com

Again, it'd be great if you could come; feel free to reply with questions, suggestions, etc. We're still trying to get contributions for our silent auction, so if you know of any opportunities for that, we'd love to hear about it (email sent to donate@brooklynbayou.com goes to Oded, Paul and myself). Hope you had a nice holiday weekend, and I hope to see you and any friends you'd like to bring next weekend around 7pm.


At 3:26 AM, Blogger Trevor said...

Thanks for doing this, guys, and best of luck...


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