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Author's Guild Versus Google

Curious as to what the drinktankers opinions are on all of this. Mine are not much different than the views expressed in the post linked above:
The Authors Guild believes that Google should only scan books belonging to writers that opt in (yeah, right -- and your VCR should only record shows from broadcasters that opt in, and Google should only index web-sites that opt in). An opt-out system such as the one that Google has proposed isn't good enough for the copyright nihilists at the Authors' Guild, who believe that even though the Google Print program will sell more books, it shouldn't be allowed without permission from rightsholders.


At 1:45 PM, Blogger Miguel said...

Seems like the "Author's Guild" are really representing dead-tree distributors' interests. I think they're on the wrong side of a losing battle, but it makes sense that book publishers would act to protect income.

Music has been at a stage where it's basically impossible to protect against copying for some time, and the response has been for musicians to derive income from nice packaging, live performances, and tech not-savvy audiences (I heard Norah Jones got Grammys partly for appealing to a demographic that doesn't fileshare). When the copying books is convenient for users, it'll be a tougher shift for that industry than it was for music, because there's fewer obvious ways to replace that money; Author's Guild like organizations may end up being even nastier than the RIAA et al.

At 2:17 PM, Blogger hexod.us said...

One point I would like to make, that I do not think was mentioned specifically in the article is that Google isn't necessarily copying books, but rather indexing them so that keywords can be found in said books. Which, i would imagine would lead to additional sales of the book in question.

talk about shooting yourself in the foot.


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