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It turns out that when I said the British would "imprison the wrong men," I was thinking about the less drastic British cops of yesteryear.

Very important part of the article: mysteriously, the dozens of closed circuit television monitoring of that particular subway station were, according to Big Brother, not working that day. My proposal (not unlike my reaction to ankle bracelets for drinkers): take the CC out of CCTV, and let concerned citizens use the technology online to see what cops, politicos, etc. do when they're in public places.


At 3:18 PM, Blogger Ivan said...

Dude, great idea.

Give every public official a constant video-blog. THen you'd have a bunch of people paid by watch-dog groups to watch the cops.

Ideally, you could get a video of yourself on a wireless laptop while you're being arrested!

This will surely be implemented in Ivanistan.

At 11:56 PM, Blogger Andrew said...

Kind of reminds me about how people with C-band and Ku-band satellite dishes can pick up on network uplink feeds before they are actually put on the air for the rest of America.. you get all kinds of bloopers and messups on there. This guy even made a movie featuring some of it.


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