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One Man's Terrorist is Another Man's Freedom Fighter

Exhibit A: 77-year-old Cuban militant Luis Posada Carriles, accused by the US government of entering the United States illegally. Accused by Fidel Castro of murdering 73 people when he allegedly blew up a passenger airline (a crime for which he was acquitted twice by the Venezuelan government). It's a no-win for the US government: free him, and they look like terrorist-harboring hypocrites; send him back to Cuba and the right-wing Floridian Cubans muster the wrath of conservative America over the radio and cable television.
I say send him to Cuba, or at least try him in the states; while they're at it, the US should lift the embargo to unleash the army of Cuban-grown Brittney Spears imitators and Big Mac ingestors to overthrow Castro, so the circle of irony is at last complete.

Exhibit B:
Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi. We've been reading some things lately: a spate of foreign suicide bombers in Iraq (500+ folks dead in May); a US offensive on the Syrian border; peg-leg himself meeting with lieutenants in Syria. Some things I'd like to know: what is the extent of foreign involvement in these bombings? How in the hell are secular ex-Baathist Sunni insurgents mingling with hyper-religious a-national, pan-Arabic insurgents? It does not make sense. If I'm to believe the CIA, Zarqawi is a born Jordanian and I think he falls into the second category. But then Syria hands over Saddam Hussein's half-brother---a secular Baathist Sunni---and I'm supposed to believe peg-leg's been hurt? Explain. What are their common goals?


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