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Real ID a test to destroy Judicial branch of US government
Comment: Can a judge declare that a law which "would prohibit judicial review" use judicial review to declare that law unconstitutional? This is the same issue as in Risk 2210 when you play a card to stop an opponent from playing cards and subsequently play a card which allows opponents to play any card.

Fortune cookie numbers come up; chaos ensues
You get the feeling that Powerball operators would like to make it a crime to disseminate random numbers.

The dumb art of blogging ennobled
Larry David on a blog? Internet good again? We'll see. (The Get Your War On fellow is on that site, too. They'll need to deploy a technology which lets you weed out the posters that suck, because there's too much on there right now.)

This is utterly disgusting; the man who showed it to me said I'd feel less gross if I shared it with someone else
Don't click on that; it's nasty.


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