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New York will become the first city in the country to make “morning after” contraceptive pills readily available to all women who want them. Michael Bloomberg, New York's Republican mayor, promised the new programme will provide $1m in public funding to promote emergency contraceptive pills at city hospitals. He also promised another $2m for family planning in poor neighbourhoods.

The plan was blasted by anti-abortion conservatives, who complain of Mr Bloomberg's leftist sympathies. (He ran as a Republican merely to avoid a gruelling Democratic primary in 2001.) The mayor countered their complaints by saying that a goal of the programme is a cut in the 90,000 abortions performed in the city each year.

For background see: In search of Plan C, April 7th 2005


At 5:07 PM, Blogger Ivan said...

It's a bit silly to dislike these pills, but not other contraception (as I'm assuming some do...).

Many contraceptives work by hardening the lining in the uterus, making it possible for a zygote to form, though it will die quickly as it is flushed out.

We need to get one of those Americas_Funniest_Home_Videos voting machines for everyone in America. Put a scale from T-9months to T-0, and have Americans vote on when abortion should be legal. Take the average, and make anything before that legal. I personally would probably choose something where I would still consider the entity to be akin to bacteria, as far as complexity, as long as it left ample time to actually realize the pregnancy.

Note that this will get rid of many complaints about RoevWade, that it was imposed by a judiciary when traditionally social policy is a matter for legislatures to decide.

Unfortunately, there are 0 remaining politicians with reasonable attitudes towards the issue.


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