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Gaudi's Grand Hotel

There's a bunch of fond reflection on the Chrystler building in the New York Times today, which reminds me how fun nice architecture is, and of how much I wish I was in charge of the utterly failed effort at Ground Zero redevelopment.

In case anyone didn't know, one of history's greatest architects -- Antonio Gaudi (good introductory site) -- had a plan for the site one hundred years ago which is considerably better than anything currently under consideration.

The above image is from this webpage, which notes that the plan was not really finished, but pretty well developed (cross section). It would do everything people currently want in terms of catering to both cultural and commercial interests, and have New Yorky stuff like fancy restaraunts and a theater. In addition, it looks cool. It doesn't necessarily creepily memorialize The Massacre, but really the Twin Piers are the way to go in that department anyway.

Linked here is a long article about the idea, with a very well-stated and numbered case for it at the end and some good pictures throughout. That the property is being turned over to the, um, best modern architects is a huge mistake, and honestly, since the proposal only exists as sketches, the egomaniacs who want to develop their dumb visions now could probably work on the finalizing anyhow. It's too bad the Governer, the Port Authority of New Jersey, and the poor guy who bought a lease on the site in July 2001 are in charge of the memorial.


At 10:00 AM, Blogger Ivan said...

So what's Trump doing in all of this?

He wanted to rebuild the towers?

"We can make them better, stronger, faster...We have the technology!"

Too bad any project wouldn't be done for years.

At 12:39 PM, Blogger joŇ°ko said...

They should build a stadium at Ground Zero.


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