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Dear Senators Kerry and Clinton

I'm sure you're very busy these days preparing a 2008 presidential campaign. Actually, that's why I'm writing. I volunteered on the Kerry-Edwards 2004 campaign in my home state of Minnesota in 2004, and may consider working for the Democratic party again in 2008. But before I make that decision, there's something I want you to consider as a potential campaign issue: Freedom. Right now the Republican controlled federal govermnment is disturbingly adding a lot of intrusive requirements to state drivers licences. And they're doing it in an Emergency Supplemental Appropriations bill, which is ostensibly to provide funds to soldiers abroad. The bill would likely require RFID chips to be implanted in your drivers licence, so that personal information can be broadcast from your wallet. This is a bad choice, unless we want everyone to be subject to Minority Report style personalized advertisements all the time. Please do everything within your power to remove the Real ID section from this Appropriations bill, so our soldiers can return to a free country when they finish their tasks abroad.

Thanks in advance,

Brooklyn, NY


At 9:00 AM, Blogger joŇ°ko said...

Real-ID Passes U.S. Senate 100-0

----The U.S. Senate has passed the $82 billion Iraq Supplemental Spending Bill (approved by the House last week), which includes the Real ID act driver's license reform. The National Governors Association has indicated at the possibility of a lawsuit to challenge the constitutionality of the Real ID provisions, which would create national driver's license standards, and a federal database of information from all 50 states.

At 10:08 AM, Blogger Ivan said...

Nice letter, but you might want to harp on something more important than targetted advertisements, right?

Having just bought a house (which gets logged in the registry), the ads I've been getting have actually been quite helpful.

I'm more concerned with the ease of identity theft when a perfect digital copy can be made. It makes all IDs useless, as far as I'm concerned.

At 10:53 AM, Blogger Miguel said...

Actually, I think state and corporate actors are likely to use this technology much more maliciously than criminals. It'll be interesting to see what gets added on to it besides the requirements.

In retrospect, I think the letter writing campaign should have been about the Mark of The Beast and directed at the poitically important figures instread of slashdot, instapundit, and cryptogram readers.


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